How to create a successful business in the organic agriculture sphere?

Comprehensive support or tackle certain issues.
Julia Voroshchuk
Managing Partner

Competences include business consulting in the agricultural sector of organic farms, supporting manufacturers in preparing for the sale of products, consulting on standards, certificates and permits for growing and selling products, supporting certification of organic enterprises.

Key areas – support in the preparation and products’ sale, business consulting, business strategy development.

Julia leads the following areas of Organic Expert Consulting activities:

  • Business consulting, development of business plans
  • Selection of crops, taking into account the areas and specified logistic features of farms
  • Business models development for existing farms or farms at the stage of the establishment
  • Support  in preparing farms for the sale of products

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reasons, why organic agriculture is lucrative in Ukraine?

Market is growing
During last 10 years the global market of organic goods has been growing in 20 times. Export from Ukraine increased in 15 times.

More and more people want to buy organic goods.
Prime location
Ukraine has unique geopolitical possibilities for development of export of organic goods.

We are close to distribution market.
Organic is more expensive
The organic product costs 10-30% more expensive because demand really exceeds supply, aspecially in EU countries, UK and USA.

Understanding of growing demand allows to attract investment in organic business of Ukraine.
High stability
Organic business cannot be unstable, when you establish it in a proper way, because contracting goes multi-year pledges.

This is the most stable segment among farmers.
Soil remains fertile
For example, if your grow organic raspberry, even in 5 years soil remains fertile. It means, you spend less resources for recovery natural qualities of soil.

It decreases costs.
Work with external market
85% of organic product from Ukraine goes to the global market.

The main countries - consumers of decorative product: UK, EU countries, Canada, Japan, Qatar and Turkey.
Social responsibility
This kind of business gives profit to society and develops Ukraine. Besides, organic agriculture protects health of farmers and society.

Numerous studies indicate the link between pesticides and diseases.

Download the detail analyst of the global and Ukrainians markets of organic production.

Updated 3 years ago (04.02.2019)

Silly mistakes 90% of newcomers in agriculture make?

Wrong selection of soil or crop
Not every soil is appropriate for any kind of crops. The wrong decision leads to losses. For example, it is pointless to try to grow blueberry in heavy loamy soil with a high calcium core.
Presumption and illusions
Often people build sandy castles with empty words about easy selling for good money what they grow. A newcomer puts his faith in his own expectations about the market how it was before, but not how the market will be in a year or two. He takes investments, invests them and gets disappointment.
Not having business plan
Often people grow product and after start to think how to sell it. It is totally wrong approach, which leads to big losses. Besides, without a business plan you may run out of money at the mid-way point.
Storing and logistic mistakes
After harvesting it is necessary to reprocess, to store and to deliver to the costumer. Often Ukrainian entrepreneurs don't pay attention to this aspect. And their goods go bad fast. Well designed logistic and storing are needed here.
Not having the growing technology
It leads to the perishing of the whole plantation or illiquidity of harvest.

We suggest you
another way without
fatal mistakes

At the beginning it is possible to save money, if you spend them for consulting. In this way you will must not think how to get back your stuck in the ground millions.

At your disposal the system database of knowledge and an experienced team

Business consulting and analysis

“We will design the strategy, What? How? Which soil? What amount? How mach money is needed, on which profit and the term of payback you may count on?

We will design a business plan and will implement the financial planning that every coin will be under your control.

When it is necessary, we will help to attract funding or to find another sources of funding for starting or expansion already existing production.

We will do calculations which prevent the lack of money at a mid-way point. If you suddenly get into this kind of situation, we will help you to get out of it, we will sum up its pros and cons and you will get from us another ways of attracting of foundation.

We will predict repossession, storing and logistic costs you will need. We will make calculations of risks based on information about quality of soil and its location. You must grow that you will be able to sell.

Also there is analysts service and business valuation service, providing during buying already existing business”

Growing and repossession technologies

“We have developed crop growing technologies. Our experienced agronomists offer service field visit for conducting the necessary analyses.
We design technologic cards of nutrition, protection and agronomic operations on the field. We advise in soil preparation for planting. If necessary, we will teach your team.

Even if you have already planted the field, but suddenly realized you need technologies, call us right now. Don’t come when consequences became irreversible.

Also we provide technologic supporting and advising farming. We perform infrastructure and irrigation system analyses. We will pick equipment. We design industrial premises, installation cooling or freezing systems.”

Download the template of manufacturing plans

Sale of products

“The question of products sale must appear at the laying stage. But if you have already raised products and have no idea what to do with it, we have algorithms and distribution channels. We can provide you with detail analysis and forecasting of export market.

We will provide full support with preparing a required set of documents for successful concreting and export. We will help in search of partners for sale of products in collaboration with.

Our task is to make you contracted for several years ahead.”

Download export statistics

Certification description

Certification is the base of organic production and adding value of products. We provide support in obtaining internationally recognized certification.

We can help to reap
the benefits from different international
l and Ukrainian support programs
for organic business.

There are a number of State-run and private programms that will strengthen agricultural business. Some of them even can offset some of the cost for certification, seedlings and equipment.

Our client's results

Alexander Shcherbin
Manager of chain stores
""DACHA the favorite place""
When the sales of eco-products in a chain store "DACHA the favorite place" increased, we faced with shortage of supplier: not enough amount or not suitable products. Then it was decided to start independent production of organic products.

After purchasing 2 hectares of land appeared a certification question. First I wanted to do it by myself. But when I started I realized how much time and efforts it requires. I didn't know which certification authority to choose.

I decided to ask Elena Beresovskaya for "Certification support service".

We have our own 2 hectares of experimental field

These 2 hectares will be base for your practice and education.

Benefits working with us

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